Pałac Izbicko

A place to return to

Civil wedding ceremony

You can not only organize your weeding party in the Palace, but you can also have a civil wedding ceremony here. A wedding is one of life’s great occasions and to make this special day truly memorable we offer you a ballroom on the ground floor decorated with flowers and candles. A carefully selected music, a smile on the face of a registrar and the charm of this romantic setting will make this ceremony a unique event and will fill the couple with confidence and comfort.

The historic palace is the perfect setting for a romantic wedding

After the civil weeding ceremony we invite you to make a toast on the terrace. Guests congratulating you and a glass of champagne are only a beginning of a weeding party that will continue on the royal ballroom till dawn.

For more information on how to organize a civil wedding ceremony in the Palace please contact our staff at the reception.