Pałac Izbicko

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About the Palace

The oldest records mentioning the palace dates back to the XVI century. However, the first draft is from the XVII century and it represents the palace as a three-storey building with two towers on both sides. The palace was surrounded by a beautiful French garden and the main entrance was situated between two lakes. There was an amazing garden with a wide variety of flowers behind the palace.

Feel the magic of this beautiful and historical place.

The palace was burned down for the first time in 1748. At this time it belonged to the Larish family who renovated the castle in neoclassical style. Seventy three years later a fire consumed the palace again and after this incident earl von Strachwitz rebuilt it in Norman style. The last fire broke out in 1921.

After the war a Public Agricultural School was set up in the palace, which became in the 50`s a Agricultural College. The renovating works in the school destroyed the mayor part of historical decorations. When the College moved out, the palace became run down.

The community began to redecorate the palace in 1984, but unfortunately never managed to finish it. A ruin was all that was left.

On the entrance gate pillars two stone boars were placed. The boars were the main feature of the coat of arms of Strachwitz family. A huge garden, in which you can find very old trees and rare plant species, spreads over 11 hectares on the other side of the gate.

In 2003 the current owner bought the neglected palace from Strzelce Opolskie County and brought it back to its original and old splendor.

We warmly welcome everyone who would like to experience the magic of this magnificent place.

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