Pałac Izbicko

A place to return to

The rooms

Ground floor

  • Angels’ Hall
    You will definitely be impressed by the magnificent interior of the palace at the entrance. Shining mirrors, crystal chandeliers, knights armour and a wide smile of the staff behind marvelously sculptured reception desk prove that this is an exceptional place.
  • Ballroom
    an air-conditioned room will meet all expectations ranging from organizing business meetings, conferences and without doubt will delight the most demanding guests at the wedding party. The Ballroom can accommodate up to 100 guests and it also includes a dance floor.
  • Hunter Room
    Decorated with a head of a wild boar, which is also represented on the park entrance gate. The Hunters Room is a perfect place for hunter-style feasts with delicious food and wine and with loads of amusement.
  • Fireplace Room
    If you would like to spend some memorable time with your beloved, the warmth and cozy atmosphere the fireplace creates is what you are looking for. It is also a perfect place to relax, get lost in thoughts, or in intimate conversation sitting in comfortable armchairs.
  • Charming Wine Room
    The only place in the world where, thanks to a unique fresco, you can drink wine under the stars regardless of the weather and the time of day. We recommend trying some wines from the palace’s wine cellar.
  • Terrace
    100 m2 terrace with a view of the surrounding park is a perfect place for less formal events such as concerts, barbecues or evening meetings.

First floor

  • Royal Ballroom
    It is a perfect and unique place for weddings, concerts and galas. The ballroom seems to be taken straight from Olympus covered in clouds where Dionysus, the god of wine, gives one of his famous feasts. On the breathtaking vault of this ballroom, there is a fresco representing a chariot painted by an Italian artist. What is more, crystal chandeliers and different light effects creates in this room a really romantic and superb atmosphere. In addition to the air-conditioned ballroom which can accommodate approximately 300 guests, there are two smaller air-conditioned side rooms which are perfect for private parties or conferences attended by a smaller number of participants.
  • Balcony Conference Room
    A multimedia room with an overhead projector, audio equipment and broadband Internet access. A perfect place for trainings attended by approximately 50 participants who can spend the breaks on the balcony getting some fresh air.